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Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Friday, 27 October 2017

LGBTQI Tales - Serenity Snow - Hearts on Fire

Well, dear readers, we have come to the end of this fabulous series of posts about LGBT and Trangender Tales! It's been a blast, and I want to thank all the authors who wrote posts for me, and all the readers that joined us for the ride (and I know there were many!). 

We go out with a bang with a very very unusual story by Serenity Snow, who wrote somany fine F/F books. This story is particularly interesting in featuring an almost unique character... I will let Serenity tell you about her...

"Dear Katherine, thank you featuring Heart on Fire. It’s a story in which I did two things I’d never done before. The first was to write about an intersex lesbian character. Cyanna is a dominant female part of a cynogryphon pack. While I’d written about shifters before, I’d never written about a cynogryphon.  

In doing research I met a someone who further shaped the character of Cyanna. She had decided not to allow her physical anomaly to shape her mentally or emotionally. I also realized just how hard it can be being physically different as well as being gay."

This is especially interesting to me, because, when I was writing Woman as a Foreign Language I had seriously considered having an intersex character (Julia/n), but then I simply didn't dare to go there. Not for any scruples in particular ... I just felt I could not handle the emotional implications of such a very particular character, when there was already so much emotion going on in the story! 
Maybe in some future book!
So, respect, a thousand times, Serenity, for writing this story, and I am happy and honoured to host it 

Joslyn Browning’s got it bad for her boss, Cyanna Storm, and Joslyn would love to show up at her sister’s wedding with her boss on her arm. There’s just one problem. Cyanna doesn’t know Joslyn exists.

Cyanna wants Joslyn in her bed, but she’s always been careful about getting involved with her employees. However, Joslyn’s one honey she can no longer resist. So, when fate hands her the perfect opportunity, Cyanna grabs it, but she has no idea that the object of her hunger is also being hunted by two jackals who want to claim or kill Joslyn.

Blind to the danger stalking her, Joslyn wallows in the affections of her boss until a jackal attacks. It is then that Joslyn and her pursuers realize a cynogryhon in the grip of mating heat will stop at nothing to protect prey she’s marked as her mate.


Joslyn put the box of pastries on the desk and wondered why there were no pictures of family or friends. She didn’t live with her family, but pack was important, and honoring their presence in her life with pictures was the least to be done.
“You’re late, Miss Browning.”
Cyanna Storm’s quiet, slightly husky voice was a caress down her back, and her wolf almost arched into it. The wolf felt the power of the woman and wanted to wrap itself in it. Joslyn wanted to do the same, but she jerked around with a startled gasp.
Cyanna was striding toward her in a navy suit with a gray blouse and red tie. Her black, wavy hair was cut short with bangs swept casually to one side. The cut emphasized Cyanna’s beautiful, chestnut-brown eyes with their darker outer ring, her high cheekbones, and lush lips. Her gaze was as enigmatic as ever, but her tone held strands of tiredness.
Joslyn swallowed. “I—”
“Let’s cut to the chase this morning,” Cyanna cut in, moving around her, and their bodies brushed, sending shivers of heat running down Joslyn’s spine.
Joslyn’s wolf growled in her mind, enjoying the faintest feel of the other woman.
“I need you to get the documents typed. I need them for a meeting today.” Cyanna folded her five-foot-eight-inch frame into her leather chair without breaking eye contact with Joslyn.
“I’ll get right on it,” she said apologetically. Her stomach twisted in knots and her mouth dried out. Her heart beat fast as nerves and desire washed over her. “That’s a nice dress,” Cyanna said. Her gaze took a slow stroll down Joslyn’s body. Joslyn felt branded, undressed. “And thank you for the…the pastries.”
Joslyn blinked, taken aback by the compliment. Cyanna was sporadic with them, but Joslyn didn’t think her boss really noticed her at all. “Thanks.”
“It cups your ass so perfectly,” she said without looking up from her computer.
Joslyn flushed and her tongue felt like a lead weight had been tied to the end of it. Her jaw was stuck closed and her mind grappled desperately for a comeback that wouldn’t sound like a come-on.
“Really, Joslyn, I need those papers ready in an hour. I’ll admire you all you want after that.” Cyanna didn’t even look up, though her tone held a distinct hint of amusement. “Don’t dally. I don’t want to look unprepared for the meeting.”
“Umm. Yes, ma’am.” Her cheeks were so hot with mortification that she was glad Cyanna hadn’t looked up to see her beet-red face. Damn. “How can I not make a fool of myself in front of that woman?” she asked in a whisper as she stepped out of the door. “She must be laughing at me, thinking I’m an utter dumb-ass. Ugh.” She pushed out a rough sigh, sat down at her desk and got the computer fired up.
Joslyn was working for ten minutes when she got an email. Joslyn ignored it with a rueful look. She didn’t want to start appearing unreliable. The papers looked like some kind of contract.

Joslyn finished ten minutes before the hour was over and snagged the phone on her desk when it rang. “Eye of the Beholder, how may I help you.”
“Hey, Joslyn.”
“Mariana. I’m going to have to call you back,” she said. “I’m working.”
“I just want to know if you’re bringing a guest. We’re finalizing things today.”
“Mari, I can’t talk about your wedding right now,” she insisted. “My boss asked me to finish something up.”
“It’ll only take a minute or two for you to answer the question.”
The humor in her sister’s voice just ticked her off. Mariana was the oldest and most popular of the two of them. Their parents adored her, doted on her, and she had so many friends it should be illegal.
 Yeah, Joslyn was jealous. Mariana had everything. Never mind that the marriage had been an arranged one by their parents to ensure their daughter didn’t marry a human.
 “I’ll call you right back,” she said, picking up the scent of her boss as she opened her office door. Joslyn hung up just as a six-foot-two-inch-tall male strode into the reception area. Damn. Double damn. This wedding was turning her into a nervous wreck and she wasn’t even the bride.
“Mr. Anchorman,” Cyanna said coolly. “Please, step into my office. I’ll be right with you.”
There was no ice, but there was irritation coming off Cyanna that made Joslyn’s wolf bristle. “I’ll bring the papers in shortly,” she said facing her boss. “I apologize.”
“We’ll talk after the meeting,” she said patiently.

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