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Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Friday, 6 October 2017

LGBT Tales - Jessie Pinkham - The Dragon Keeper

Ah! LGBT romance with dragons! Can it ever get better? 
I am very happy to have Jessie here today talking about her book, The Dragon Keeper. I have asked her to tell us about the LGBT theme in it, and she wrote a very very thought-provoking intro for us:

"To me, one of the exciting aspects of writing a fantasy tale is creating an entire fictional universe. I had a lot of fun envisioning the world of The Dragon Keeper. When it came time to consider how sexual minorities are perceived in this universe, I decided to make it a complete non-issue. The only mention of sexuality takes place in the context of whether Lito would be interested in Aldric. That gave me a blank slate to show a world without automatic judgments or preconceived notions.

American society has come a long way in terms of social acceptance in the last couple decades. We still have more progress to be made, and one of those areas revolves around stereotypes of sexuality. It's a lot more acceptable, in many circles, for gay men to be in certain professions, and less accepted in traditionally 'masculine' occupations, e.g. professional sports and the military.

I wanted to present a fictional universe without that hangup, so Aldric is both openly gay and very masculine. He's a rugged, muscular guy who works with dragons all day. You wouldn't know by his appearance or mannerisms that he's gay, never mind that he prefers to bottom. People are so much more than stereotypes, and sexual preferences don't have to be tied to identity and social roles. I wanted to bring that out, so it was a very deliberate choice to have the bubbly artist top and the manly beefcake bottom.

This may be preaching to the choir, I realize. Nevertheless, I think it's important to imagine a world without judgments, expectations, and stereotypes because in doing so, we put such a world forward as a possibility. The more we do that, the closer we are to making it OUR world. "

Indeed! Well said, Jessie!

Sometimes it takes a crisis to appreciate a good man...

When Aldric first meets Lito, he considers the man a nuisance. As a dragon keeper for the kingdom of Corancia, he has more important tasks than answering an artist’s numerous questions about dragons.

Lito travelled to Corancia so he could observe dragons firsthand for his paintings, and he’s full of questions about the magnificent creatures. His questions aren’t merely for his art, however, they arise from his deep love of dragons. When he overhears a plot by his own kingdom to eliminate the animals, he has to choose between his loyalty and his beloved dragons.
Working to prevent the extermination of dragons throws Aldric and Lito together. Lust is in the air, and if they’re lucky, they could end up with a happily ever after.

Are you curious? I know I am!

About the author:

Jessie loves to read and write m/m romance of all types. She can't commit to a single subgenre because variety really is the spice of life.

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