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Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Friday, 29 December 2017

Haldir - a sketch

©Katherine Wyvern 2017

A new sketch I did a few days ago, still inspired and copied froma  picture of my arch-muse, Danila Kovalev (and I still don't think that I am done drawing this model and his incredible eyes... I have already a different thing in mind, way stranger... stay tuned).

The quote is from the Lord of the Rings, my favourite book ever (it sits on my bedside table at all times, where in other houses a bible might be found) and says: "“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”
These words, spoken by an elf called Haldir, a minor character in the book, often come to me at times of sadness... 

In the book (unlike the movie) Haldir is always seen in the vicinity of the watery boundaries of Lorien, of which he is one of the wardens, and I thought that Aeshna cyanea, the Sounthern Hawker dragonfly, would be a good totem animal for him. They appear in my garden each summer (they fly in from large distances, and stay, because of the pond) and it is a thing of wonder to see them tirelessly guarding their watery realm, fiercely fighting off any intruder that chances by. They are also magically beautiful animals, the closest thing to a winged fairy you can get in this world (but not a fairy to be trifled with... these creatures can fight like dragons, indeed!). When the first Aeshna shows up, each summer, it's a time for celebration...

This drawing was supposed to be midnight dark and faintly moonlit, but it did not pan out that way, so this is the third attempt. Still, the way it came together in the end, as the simplest pencil sketch, no colour, no fancy effects, was deeply satisfactory. There are rare golden moments, as an artist, when something clicks into place, and you feel a sort of golden certainty that 'this is the right way to do it'. This drawing gave me one such moment...

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Woman as a Foreign Language - a Review

After a week more or less away from Microsoft Word, a couple of nice drawings (see previous post for one), and two lovely reviews for WaaFL, I feel more motivated to pick up Spice and Vanilla where I left it.
A couple of big scenes left and lots of small stuff to tweak, and then we'll be getting to the end hopefully!

Read the whole new review here:

Thank you, Sally!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Julia/n, a sketch...

Ever wondered what Julia/n in Woman as a Foreign Language might look like?
Well, here you go (add freckles to taste).
When I wrote WaaFL, the first inspiration for Julia/n was Eddie Redmayne in his Danish Girl makeup. Then once the story was already done and finished, I came across some pictures of this amazing model, and I had to go back, and rewrite half of the character descriptions. Ahem.

 Danila in Rioja
© Katherine Wyvern 2017

With many thanks to the wondrously beautiful and really kind Danila Kovalev, whose picture I copied for this bit of pencil sketching.

And I am happy to report WaaFL's latest review:

"....The blurb intrigued the hell out of me, and let me just say that the story more than lived up to my expectations. WaaFL is different than anything I've ever read, but so beautifully written and heart wrenching (in a good way) that I started reading and didn't get up until I finished. The characters drew on my empathy in a way few have before, and I found myself thinking that every single person needs to read this to gain a better understanding of what it means to identify differently than what your physical body dictates to society.

Rarely will I re-read a story, but this one has left me with a book hangover - two days later - that will need to be satisfied in the form of another dose of magic that Katherine has so poignantly woven."

Thank you, dear readers.


Saturday, 16 December 2017

A quote...

“But it's a pity that folk as talk about fighting the Enemy can't let others do their bit in their own way without interfering. He'd be mighty pleased, if he could see you now. Think he'd got a new friend, he would.”
Sam Gamgee - The Lord of The Rings

Friday, 15 December 2017

Lynn Burke - New release and Giveaway - Second Go-Round

Second Go-Round
Elite Escorts #2
Contemporary Erotic Romance, Suspense

Christine Gemberling doesn’t enjoy breaking hearts, but she has yet to find a man who knows how to handle the package between his legs well enough to satisfy her needs. No man has held her interest beyond a second date—much less her love. Until one sultry night with an Elite Escort rocks her world like never before.

Professional escort Jarod Zimmerman has a strict code when working with clients—no emotional attachments. But the beer-drinking, football loving Christine and her curves push beyond his control, until the guarded playboy finds himself craving another go-round with the only woman intriguing enough to make him break his own code.

With her defenses stronger than his favorite football team, it will take more than Jarod’s talents in bed to change her stance on relationships. He’ll have to sacrifice his heart when the unexpected circumstance thrown their way threatens to rip them apart forever.

*Warning: Exhibition, spanking, anal sex, sex toys

Jarod lowered onto the limo seat beside me and pressed close, his large hand grasping the top of my thigh.
“Where to?” Ricky asked as he settled behind the wheel a moment later.
I spouted off my address quite a ways up Route 1, and with a nod, he shut the window between us, encasing Jarod and I in complete privacy. Soft music came to life, and seconds later, the limo pulled out into Boston’s nighttime traffic.
“For the first go-round, I’m going to fuck you against the front door of your house, but right now,” Jarod said, lowering to his knees in front of me, “I’m going to bury my nose between these thighs and lick your cunt until you squirm.” 
“I like the way you think,” I said, my voice breathless, betraying my body’s need.
His hands slid up my thighs, pushing my skirt into a bunch. I wiggled, assisting in his plan, and he yanked me to the seat’s edge.
“Comfy?” he asked, trailing a fingertip against the soaked silk covering me.
“Comfy enough.”
Jarod hooked his fingers under the sides of my panties and pulled them down my legs, releasing my heeled feet one at a time. He tossed the panties aside, and grasping my knees, spread me wide.
“Bare.” He stared at the smooth skin between my thighs as he moved close. “I like that.” Palming my ass, he lifted me and buried his face in my pussy as promised, my moan and his groan colliding in the air between us.
My eyelids fluttered shut and head tipped back as he ate me out like a starving man. Tongue, nose, and teeth, he didn’t pussyfoot around, but tortured me with his need to taste every inch, fuck me deep with his long tongue, nibble my swollen lips … flick and suck my throbbing clit.
My fingers found purchase in his hair, and I ground myself against his face, chasing my orgasm. Bastard let off and dipped low to lick my ass and tongue me every time I neared the crest. I tried to force his head back up to my clit, but he held steady, denying me what I wanted.
“Goddamn it, Jarod!” I yanked on his hair as my clit popped from his mouth’s suction again and he roamed southward to my ass.
He snickered and caught my gaze as his tongue rimmed my puckered hole.
My hold tightened on his hair, my heart thundered in my chest. “Please. I need to come.”
Finally—finally—he pressed two fingers deep into my sopping wet core. “Is this what you need, Christine? My fingers fucking your cunt and my mouth on your clit?”
“Oh, fuck.” My head tipped back again as he latched onto my clit. “Don’t stop. Please … Christ, don’t stop!” You’d think I hadn’t climaxed in months the way my orgasm ripped through me. 
Jarod’s fingers and tongue drew out every clench of my pussy, every shudder rippling down through me as I gasped for breath. He lapped up every trace of my cum and sucked his fingers clean, the noises in his throat barely reaching through the ringing in my ears. 
I sagged into the leather seat, sucking wind. “Holy shit. It’s no wonder you get paid to please a woman.”
Elite Escorts Series
First Time - Coming Jan 2018
Zero Tolerance - Coming Jan 2018 
A $10 Amazon Gift Card and wrap around Author Lynn Burke mug!

And don't forget that Third Wheel, the first book in the series is now for offer at 99c on Amazon! Snap it up before it's all sold out ;)

About Lynn Burke:
Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life. 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Transphobic and sexist... well! A Wyvern's rant.

Well,      I have never, until now, taken up pen (metaphorically) to comment on a bad review (even when they were extra venomous and got half the facts in the books wrong or sounded like they were written by orcs more than trolls) but I will have to make an exception in this case, because I feel these two are an appalling factual misrepresentation of Woman as a Foreign Language, and also an attack to my own identity and beliefs, as an author and a person.

I hardly know where to start. The style, I will not comment upon. It’s a matter of taste. If lyrical prose does not do it for you, you won’t like my books. Any of my books. Fair enough. POV changes, ditto. I had my reasons for my choices, but if it does not work for you, that’s ok. I knew I was risking a rebuke there when I chose to switch both tense and person, and took my chance. That's all ok.

But… almost everything else in this reviews is ... perplexing. Skip to the Epilogue, if it is all too much!

1) This reviewer claims that the main character, Julia, is referred to as “Julia/n” and “s/he.” And is shocked that Julia/n is described as half male and half female.
No! No, no, no. Julia is referred to as she and as a woman. Consistently.
And Julian as he and as a man.
There are exactly two small paragraphs in the whole book where s/he is used, when Julian’s female presentation is either incomplete or coming apart. And I do believe it would be truly difficult for an observer to decide which identity to address in that moment. S/he and Julia/n is also used once in the blurb to refer to both Julia and Julian (Julia/n) collectively. I could have used more PC pronouns perhaps. But the simple fact is that to most readers they convey nothing at all.
As for the half/male half/female comment, I find the attitude behind this comment righteous and disingenuous. Moving away from the binary stereotype means accepting that people may incorporate both female and male traits, both physically and psychologically. ***Julia is not a  transwoman (male to female transsexual)***, as is obvious from the narrative, but rather more of a “TWO SPIRITS”.
Claiming that she should be called exclusively she and Julia and described as female only, negates half of her/his identity.

2) Labels. Ditto. This reviewer complains there is no label in the story defining Julia's brand of trans identity. Yes I steered clear of labels, within the story. I didn’t say if Julia was transsexual or bigender or gender-fluid or non binary or… whatever. Why? Because to the average reader these labels mean nothing at all. The Trans-jargon has exploded totally out of sense or control (and I say that as a gender queer person myself) and I didn’t set out to write a documentary but a love story, large parts of which are autobiographical.
And I hate labels. People are not boxes. You don’t NEED labels in this story. It is obvious from the story itself that Julian is pretty comfortable both as a man and a woman and that he/she (yes, you do need a double pronoun, duh!) presents habitually as one or the other, and quite openly. Julian is simply a crossdresser that does not give a damn who knows any more.
Another reason why I didn’t pick labels is that the characters themselves would not use them. Julian does not need to define himself. He is himself (and herself too), period. Nina would not even know these labels exist. Get real: for most people (including not a few transgender people) these “labels” are a waste of language.

3) Racism in the book? This commenter claims so. Why? Julia thinks (doesn’t say out loud) of Nina one or twice as Gipsy-ish and exotic. For Julia, both descriptors are obviously aesthetically positive. What sort or political correctness gone crazy is this? I am sorry if Romani people would take this as an insult, but neither Julian nor Nina are Romani and I’m sorry, I am probably ignorant, but I never thought of it as insult either. I am liberal and left-wing, but this is really a case where PC talk is overreaching common sense.In a phrase like "the Gipsy queen that Julia saw in her sometimes", it is fairly obvious, that Gipsy is used in a romantic, almost fairytale sense. ANd if you think that "exotic" is a racial slur (I think it's one of the greatest compliments you can pay a person or a thing), that makes you prejudiced, not me.
And there is a claim in this review that I represent Italian families stereotypically, as a trap, and as loud and overbearing.
Well, here's the news: ***I AM Italian***. I have lived and experience Italy, its close mindedness, its suffocating family dynamics on my own skin. Part of why I wrote this story was to vent all that (it was cathartic). Don’t tell me that these are stereotypes. This is unfortunately the reality. Of all families? No. Of many, and of mine in particular? Yes, certainly. As an author, I believe I have the right to describe my own experience, even if, gasp, it confirms what some perceive as stereotypes. Perhaps there’s a reason why the stereotype arose in the first place?

4) ““We’re Italian, the only man in a dress we’ve ever seen is the Pope.”
This sentence from the book is quoted with a mysterious complaint that it is not a joke, but the character genuine thought process. So?
This "thought process" is humorous. Sorry you missed the irony.
It is also, despite the irony, a rather true fact. Again note that I am Italian, and I have lived in Italy for more than 30 years. I had a large number of gay, lesbian and otherwise un-cis friends. Yet, I only consciously saw one crossdresser in all the time I lived there. I was utterly astounded by how more open and vibrant things were when I visited London and Toronto. It truly made me feel how backward and Catholic Italy still is (I have now lived abroad for almost a decade… I can’t say if things changed in the meantime).

5) The reviewer claime that Nina "gets mad" when discovering that Julia, her "feminine idol" is  a man.
No! No!! I have absolutely no idea where the reviewer takes this from. Is Nina thrown and flabbergasted when Julia turns out to be … Julian? You bet. You would be too! Is she mad? Certainly not. Except perhaps at herself for being so impercipient. Minutes after this revelation she hands over to Julian the present she brought for Julia, with no fuss whatsoever. 
***This particular point is an actual misrepresentation of the book’s plot, and I do resent it particularly.***
They seem also pretty shocked, once more, that Julia is defined as a man. Well, she is a man. Once more, she's not a transwoman nor wants to be, as she herself makes clear.

6) Perhaps the most mystifying bit of this review is where I am under attack because the Julia "apologizes" (she doesn't, really, she is simply really cut up about it), about the way her transgender identity was revealed, by accident to her ex, who is so shocked that she breaks up with her.
Apparently, according to this commenter, a transgender person should never, ever feel uneasy about the way they chose to come out to their loved ones. Whatever they chose to do cannot be questioned. They can do no wrong.

Now, this whole part of the book is based on many, many heartbreaking stories of crossdressers coming out to their spouses and partners I have read, and discussed, with real persons living in real relationships.
Do I believe you need to apologize for being transgender? Absolutely not. Do I think you must feel guilty about it? Absolutely not. But the reality of many crossdressers is that the sense of guilt exists anyway. Not for being transgender per se, but for having kept a partner in the dark about some large part of their identity. Or for being unable to fulfill the gender roles they subscribed to (by convention, if not by explicit promise!) within an ordinary heterosexual relationship. Or for having handled the coming out in a way that was shocking and hurtful for the person they loved.  
This is a very real situation for many people. High flown rhetoric about what a person should feel like or do, does not change that. I’d love to live in a world where no crossdresser has any need to feel uneasy about their role in a relationship (or its failure). But that is simply not the real world, for now, sorry.
And, I am sorry, but any transgender person who believes they don’t owe any respect to the feelings and sensitivity of those around them is every bit as selfish as a cis person doing the same! Being transgender does not absolve your from treating your partner with care and respect, from trying your best not to hurt them. Many married crossdressers I know are profoundly aware of this and considerably cut up by the pain they inflict on their partners if their partners are not fully onboard with their trans indentity. I am not saying if this situation is bad or good, right or wrong. I just described it as it is.

Later when Julian comes out to Nina, he cursorily says something like, 'sorry if this comes as a shock.' Apparently this too is not acceptable. Apparently any form of basic courtesy towards your interlocutor is unnecessary for a transgender person!
The reviewer is livid that I did not "negate" this need for "apologizing".

No, I chose not to embark into this rhetoric. I simply left it to Nina to say, "I don't think you are a different person from the other day", “Whatever you chose to be it’s perfect for me.” And “I like you just the way you are.”
I don’t think the story needs anything else. ***This is not a social manifesto***. It’ a love story between two people.

***And please, note that Julia is never, ever, made to apologize for what she is. She just feels she might have been more considerate in the way she communicated it. Which is a legitimate, laudable (and realistic) feeling.***

7) There is a whole long section in this review claiming that Julia decides, singlehandedly, to "change" Nina, and make her more feminine, solely to suit her (Julia's) taste and idea of what a girl should look and dress like.
This is the other big point where I wonder what the reviewers are on about… Nina’s whole being is blatantly yearning to express her feminine side. Or at least try it out. She just doesn’t know how to do it (something I experienced on my own skin), and also she needs a safe space where to do this (something I wish someone had given to me). Julia provides that. How is that “shitty”? Nina starts out being stuck into a sort of accidental gender limbo. And ends up as a complete tomboy, ***a tomboy by choice rather than accident***, and a tomboy that Julia finds profoundly beautiful. Julia is not changing Nina. She’s helping Nina to come out of a shell. Julia herself is aware the this "prettying up" maybe nothing more than an experiment for Nina, a way to explore gender as she has never been allowed to do before.
***Again, I am sorry, but this review is completely falsifying the plot of the story.***
This is not an unbiased opinion on a book, but sheer slander.

Then there is the tirade about Nina's job and Julia's snob attitude about it.
Nina is a welder, Julia a University professor. Julia is (like practically any highly educated person I have ever met) perplexed about Nina's choice of a manual labor career. She whishes Nina would have a better job (for her own sake, not Julia's), but, ultimately comes to realize both Nina's need to express the tough, masculine side of her personality, and Nina's passion and talent for metal work, and simply encourages her (does not push her) to pursue a more creative career in the same field.
Contrary to what the reviewer states Julia's attitude DOES change. Even when she thinks (doesn't say) "A man job is not all that is cracked up to be," it is nothing more than a personal opinion, not something she throws in Nina's face like a challenge to her choice.
And yes, for a man that often prefers to be a woman, it is quite natural to think that “a man’s job is not all that is cracked up to be.”
Nina is a completely autobiographical character, and I can assure you, being a welder, is not a great career achievement, despite being a beautiful job at times. I was a metal worker for 10 years. I loved my job. But the reality of it is that I was grossly underpaid, that I was often treated quite badly, and that the sheer physical fatigue and unhealthy working conditions almost killed me. The reality is that 80% of the time I was too tired to do anything. To live. To create and to think clearly. I barely earned enough to pay the bills, and I had no margin whatsoever for saving, for covering emergencies and accidents, let alone have a holiday from time to time.
I am happy to have moved on to a more healthy and creative life! As someone who actually always did manual jobs (still do) I actually knows both the attractions of them and their flip side, I must say that this comments smacks of dreamy eyed parlour-socialism. Get real.
The reviewer is upset even by the expression "a man job". Because apparently we must do away with the idea of man-jobs and woman-jobs.
I wonder how often they have been in steel manufacturing and processing factories and workshops? Try it, and let me know how many women you see. Again, it may not be politically correct, these days, to say man-job, woman-job. But it’s how the real world is, in large parts.

8) And the other great source of foaming-at-the-mouth rage. Nina is accused of having "outed" Julia to her (Nina's) family and neighbors, to get the heat off herself, when her mother accuses her of being a lesbian.
Once again, I think something went lost here. One, that Julia herself said, tell your mom the truth. It might or might not have been in jest, but it hardly matters because... Two, Julian is at this point of his life, quite openly crossdressing. He comes and goes from his flat both in drab and en femme all the time. As is obvious if you actually do read the story. Only somebody as clueless and house-bound as Nina’s mother and her accomplice could have missed it (and Nina, herself, of course, who, because of her working hours had never physically seen Julian before).
Other neighbors are already aware of it, and commenting on it!
Actually the very fact that Nina's mom takes Julia for a lesbian is presented in a pretty humorous light, as a proof of her complete clueless character.

And even ***if*** Nina had made a mistake. In the state of turmoil she is, just before leaving her home and family forever, in a desperate lunge for freedom? Fictional characters are supposed to be perfect now? ***Again this book is not a manifesto.*** It's not a manual on how to handle a relationship with a transgender person. It’s a love story between imperefect, fallible people, who might occasionally do stupid things.

9) Apparently everything in this erotic romance is wrong.
The characters exchange "I love yous" after three dates (it's actually four, I think, but whatever). Which apparently makes the Romance irrealistic.
Yes. That’s why it’s called Romance, not reality TV. (Not to mention that some people have been known to exchange I love yous quite a bit quicker than that but I am sure they are all sluts, ahem, just look at me)

And there is no mention of condoms!
Yes, indeed. But ***I never said Julian didn’t wear one.*** I just didn’t mention it. The same way I choose not to mention in erotic scenes when someone farts or when a mess comes out of your ass when you extract a butt-plug (yeah, it happens!). It’s just unsexy to describe it.
This is listed as erotic-romance. All my readers are 18 ys plus, and I want to entertain them with a nicely flowing sex scene. I don’t feel the need to educate them about safe sex.  I have more respect for them than that.
And Nina who has never given a blowjob before "swallows a whole cock" and the sperm coming out of it, and does not gag!
Never said she swallowed a cock (something I find rather difficult myself and would be hard put to describe). Just that she sucked it deep. As for the swallowing, jeez, I didn’t gag the first time. Or ever. Although once I kinda breathed it up my nose (no idea how that happened) and sneezed and coughed for 15 minutes straight. It was very embarrassing and my partner thought I might die! If you'd like to read about it a will put it in a book.


The whole book is finally summed up as a mess of "sexism, transphobia and ignorance."
Ignorance? Very possible. There’s tons of stuff I don’t understand at all. I try to learn, and sometimes fail.
Transphobia? Certainly not. As I said elsewhere at length Nina is a fully autobiographical character, and her brand of gender queerness (which is extremely hard to label, don’t I know) is something I know first-hand. Julia/n is the most profoundly beloved character I ever wrote. I am immensely sorry if I failed to convey that love to you. I wrote this book as a genuine love-song to gender-fluid people (rather than outright transsexuals, whom I deeply respect, but simply interest me less, narratively, as a storyteller.  There are many transition stories out there. I wanted to write one about a gender-fluid person truly capable of inhabiting two different identities).
I do not believe in gilding lilies. I don’t think trans people (me included) are special snowflakes absolved by political correctness from all evils. Neither do I believe in righteous purism and poses (the hissy fits about pronouns for examples). I believe, profoundly, that this kind of high flown discourse is more damaging to the trans cause that anything else. I do believe also, that a more quiet, sympathetic form of address (on both sides of the left-right, trans-cis divide, call it what you like) would improve the dialogue immensely, and cause less of a backlash (a sometimes—dare I say it—understandable, if regrettable, backlash) from conservative circles. Less political posturing, more empathy.
It would also be good to remember that outright transexuals to not "own" the transgender world. That there are many many subtle nuances to the vagaries of gender identity and that not every one who identifies as transgender feels the need to be costantly and exclusively identified as the opposite of their native, or biological sex.  There are many, many of us willing, and actually happy to own their androgynous, in-between status. This is as legitimate and deserving of respect as the choice of complete transition. Do not, please, project your wishes to be identified exclusively as male or female, on those who are more comfortably fluid in their identity.

Sexism? Certainly not. A disenchanted perspective on what are still, in a very real way the accepted gender roles in which many people are still stuck (or comfortably ensconced, why not, because being cis-gender-what a stupid word-is not a crime, any more than being transgender), that, yes certainly.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Tendrils of you - a poem

Tendrils of you
are like rivers of mist
like the dream of a dream
in my bloodstream

yet they linger
they cloud my world
light made into breath

they surround me
blinding white
and I am lost

Guest Post - New Release - Doris O'Connor - Her Best Friend's Husband

It's always a pleasure to host this grand lady, Doris O'Connor (she will hit me something for calling her a lady, quite possibly, but that's how we roll). She's here with her newest release today, and I let her do the talking!

"Dear KAtherine, thank you so much for having me on your blog today with my new release Her Best Friend’s Husband. Like so many of my stories the idea for this one was first sparked by a picture and the resulting tease on my blog.

The picture was a naked guy in bed, holding a wedding cake. How did I arrive from that to this story? Well, my muse works in mysterious ways, lol. The story slowly evolved and it was stuck in limbo for a long time, until I got the urge one day to pick up that manuscript, and the rest is history, as they say. 

I had such fun writing these three, and the intricacies of their relationship as they try to work out whether three is indeed better than two. So much so, in fact, that I’m planning a follow up to their story in due course.

For now, enjoy seeing Naomi struggle with her feelings for her best friend and his husband. To quote her. “Who does that?”

Naomi, for sure, and when she realizes the guys feel the same way…. Well… you might need a fan or a glass of water when you’re reading some scenes."

Your best friend’s wedding is not the time to realize how much you love him...

Wedding organizer Naomi Young is not only head-over-heels in love with her best friend, she lusts after his husband.

Which is all kinds of wrong—isn’t it? Maybe not. Especially when she discovers the attraction is not as one-sided as she thought.

Dom Dawson Monroe has never had a problem going after what he wants. Both he and his new husband Josh Garrison enjoy a woman’s soft touch, so who better to satisfy that need than the one woman Josh is madly in love with? Time to claim them both as his submissives.

Convention be damned. Happiness is to be found in the soft curves of Naomi’s body, as long as they can convince her that this is forever. Only time will tell if the loving twosome can become an even more loving threesome.
Be Warned: BDSM, m/m sex, menage sex (MMF), double penetration

Buy it from:


“Perhaps the boy’s timing was unfortunate, but he would only owe you an apology if you hadn’t enjoyed that kiss. And we all know you did. I’d wager you’re getting wet just remembering those kisses. I know I got hard witnessing it. You two look hot together.”

Naomi gasped and opened her mouth as though to protest, but one knowing smirk from Dawson meant she simply shook her head.

“Nothing to say to that, little one?”

That question, delivered in that deep, dark, gravelly voice—his Dom voice, as Josh called it—appeared to have the same effect on Naomi, as it always did on him. Her breathing sped up, and she tensed. While he couldn’t see them from his position in his back seat, Josh bet his next orgasm that her nipples were hard little beacons signaling her arousal as clearly as the moan she swallowed. It made him wish this infernal journey was over already. He couldn’t wait to see his life-long friend squirm in pleasure under his and Dawson’s hands.

His Master’s gaze dropped down to Naomi’s cleavage and Dawson’s grin turned positively sinful.

“Never mind words, your body gives you away. If I touched you now, I’d find you sopping wet for us, wouldn’t I? In fact…”

Dawson reached across and placed his large hand on Naomi's knee. She jumped but didn't stop him as he proceeded to pull up the hem of her dress, exposing acres of dark skin.  The contrast of Dawson's much lighter hand on Naomi's thighs was startling. Josh groaned, and Naomi crunched the gear again as the traffic started moving.

"Please, I … don't." She flung an imploring look at Master and gasped when his hand briefly disappeared between her ample thighs. Josh balled his hands into fists to stop himself from grasping his dick, because seeing Master's hand reappear seconds later, his digits glistening with the unmistakable evidence of Naomi's arousal … fuck, that was hot.

Dawson grinned, licked one digit, and then held his hand out for Josh.

“Here, have a taste.”

 His amber eyes darkened when Josh grasped Master’s hand. Naomi’s sweet, addictive taste exploded on his taste buds, made ten times more potent because it was mixed in with the familiar scent of the man he loved to distraction. Josh’s balls drew up in response, and he grunted as his dick jerked inside his pants.

“No coming without my say-so, boy. Besides, you make a mess in our girl’s car you’ll be cleaning it up.”

“Oh my God, you two are too much. I’m sitting right here, you know. Are either one of you going to actually ask me what I think?”

Naomi’s voice had risen to a shrill screech in her agitation. It served as an ice-cold dampener to Josh’s arousal, and he hastily released Dawson’s hand.

“Of course, we do.” He threw an imploring glance at his husband, and Dawson gave a sharp nod. Relief flooded through Josh, at that non-verbal confirmation that his Master was more than willing to step in.

 “None of this will work without your consent, and communication is vital. I just don’t appreciate you lying to yourself, or us, girl,” Dawson said.
Naomi tensed further, and Josh could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. Any minute now she would explode in anger. 
“Look, Naomi, what Dawson is trying to say—”

"Spare me, Josh." Naomi glared at him through the rearview mirror, and in a move that wouldn't have been amiss in a Bond movie, she pulled into the fast lane and put her foot down, as the traffic cleared. Dawson's hand braced on the dashboard again, and when he looked all set to say something, Josh put his hand on his Master's shoulder. Dawson glanced back at him, and his brows drew together in a frown at Josh's shake of the head. He heeded his request, however, and didn't say anything, as Naomi broke every speed limit in the land in her haste to seemingly get away from them all.

An awkward silence fell between them all, only broken by Naomi's soft curses when she had to slow down for the inevitable traffic, interspersed by Dawson's sighs.

Oh, Master was pissed and getting more annoyed by the minute. One of Dawson’s unbreakable rules was the need for his submissives to stay safe. Unwittingly Naomi was breaking that rule, and Josh knew he had to say something to calm this situation down.

“Slow down, sweet cheeks. Getting us killed will not get us there any faster. I’m sorry okay.”

Naomi gasped and glanced at him through the mirror. The sheen of tears in her eyes was like a punch to the gut, and he put his hand on her shoulder. He took the fact that she didn't immediately shrug him off as a good sign. "I'm sorry I sprung this on you, but I'm not sorry I kissed you. I'm not sorry this is out in the open. We should have probably had this conversation before I got married, but there never seemed a right time, and I'm a fucking coward, okay? I was too afraid to lose our friendship, but we could be so good together. All of us."

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