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Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Hot dark new release - Hell's Mercy -by yours truly

Three-hundred years after the demise of Earth-that-Was, the Galaxy’s central  government has banned all artificially modified and enhanced humans. Only the remote planet of Cydonia has finally dissociated itself from the ban. The wild revelries of the Black Carnival in the Cydonian capital, Neu Venedig, have now taken an even wilder turn…

On the fifth night of the Carnival, Lukan strolled out of his high walled courtyard, twirling his walking cane in the air and humming Johan Caspar Ferdinand Fischer’s “Praeludium VIII” to himself. He had been playing it on the harpsichord again and again that afternoon, and its slippery, silvery perfection still clung to his inner ear like a haunting voice.
He crossed a little bridge into a narrow calle, then turned right into a slightly wider canal-side, lit by glowing fire-bulbs and the shimmering reflections from the dark water. The place was quiet, and the music hummed on in his head, undisturbed. Even at the height of the festivities, it was almost deserted in this part of Neu Venedig. He had carefully chosen his 16th century palazzo to be well out of the raving crowds.
He skipped from flagstone to flagstone along the edge of the canal, almost like a child, almost like a dancer, following the music that he alone could hear. The long tails of his embroidered coat flapped behind him as if charmed by the inaudible melody. His ghostly shadow flickered in and out of existence as he passed streetlight after streetlight.
It was Carnival, and he was going to Hell.
The Praeludium in his head gave way to an altogether more spirited Rigaudon, and he skipped faster, actually counting, two, three, four—he skipped a larger flagstone—five, six seven. Eight, nine, heaven.
Hopscotch. A forgotten game, like the music was forgotten, like the harpsichord was forgotten, ghosts of a dead world, long, long ago. But he was alive, and he remembered. He had been alive a long time, far longer than his looks suggested.
The night was cold, and he was as taut as a violin string, ready to snap with ache and longing, and something else, too, a sort of mute grief he didn’t want to acknowledge but that haunted him all the time, subtly gnawing at him.
But he was going to Hell, so all would be fine tonight. Soon, he would be all right, freed from that silent sorrow, and released into flaming brilliance.........

New Release!!

 or at least, newly edited re-release

with this mouthwatering new cover by Jay Aheer

Twelve years after Ivory first visited the Black Carnival, Neu Venedig has changed: wilder, crazier, and even more surprising, this new Carnival has even old hands like Lukan staring wide-eyed.

I have bittersweet feelings about this story, which first appeared in an anthology put together for the benefit of Doris O’Connor and her family in the final days of her struggle with cancer. There will always be this great sadness connected to it.
On the other hand, it was great fun to dive back into the world of Cydonia, the Sci/fi series that started my published author career in 2011 (2011? Eight years ago? How did that happen?) with the release of Black Carnival.
It’s a great pleasure to re-release the story, with a new edit and this fabulous cover by Jay Aheer.
I am terrible at short stories, because my world building addiction always brings me to write a bit more, and a bit more, and then the short story becomes a full length novel. I thought it might be easier to write a short story in a pre-existing universe, but, no even so, the world and the characters still managed to do their own thing. Everything changed in the telling. Neu Venedig is a wholly more interesting place now, and I am wondering if it is not time to write a new full length instalment in this series… all this just to say, that this story was a tremendous fun ride for me, quite the surprise, and brings me full circle, in a certain sense, connecting my current Transgender Romance theme, to my debut novel. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Wealthy, charismatic, influential and damn near immortal, Lukan Løvensgård looks like natural Dom material, and in fact he has never, but never submitted to anyone in his long life. But among all the bizarre and fantastic people roaming the far planet of Cydonia, there is one who stole his old, cold heart.
And her love comes at a price. Complete surrender.
With her impressive presence and unusual equipment, Helenay is the hottest and trendiest professional Domme in Neu Venedig and she hardly has the time to top for pleasure these days.  But she knows what her old friend Lukan needs, something he never suspected. Release from power.
#transgendererotica #futanari

He knew all her favorite toys by their sting, and the sound they made when they met his flesh.
Helenay slapped the split strap of thick leather hard on his buttocks and then down his thighs, in a neat crisscrossing pattern. She could leave crisscross switch welts as neat as a corset’s lacing if she wanted. At his knees, she stopped, and Lukan breathed deep. The sharp sting of the tawse was pure fire, but it faded quickly enough. Still, his skin was now definitely well primed for the real pain.
He breathed hard.
Hell placed a hand between his buttocks and stroked the edge of his butt plug again and again, sending it to stroke his prostate, over and over, while at the same time, gently pulling on the cord that tied his cock and balls. He groaned, feeling waves of pleasure and the afterglow of pain mingling in his flesh and in his brain, addling him. Soon he would hardly know the difference between the two. He groaned again, not knowing anymore if he had come for the pain she could give, or the pleasure she so often withheld. Sometimes she would give both. Perhaps he would beg for it today.
Yes, he would certainly beg if he had to.
“Turn,” she said, and he let go of the wall, gingerly, because his knees were soft. Her tawse was still in her hand, and from one end of it, on a thin silk cord, hung a long suede tassel. Not quite a flogger, but a vicious enough little thing, when one was standing naked with a swollen glans reaching out, begging to meet that deceptive velvet kiss. He took a deep breath and then gave a sharp gasp when the first soft swish of the tassel hit his engorged cock. The suede was neither rough nor stiff, but his stretched, blood-filled skin exploded in pain at its kiss. The pain was so close on top of the pleasure he had been savoring a moment earlier that he could not quite tell them apart. The almost-gentle, almost-intolerable flogging went on and on, perhaps for only a few seconds, but he was jolting back at each blow, crying out, whimpering. When she stopped and palmed his balls again, he actually screamed, although she did nothing, just held them.
“You are so full of it today,” whispered Hell, seriously.
“It”   was the unbearable tension that mounted inside him between their encounters, as he knew well.
“Why?” she asked.
He shook his head wretchedly. “I don’t know. Help me. Help me, please.”
She sighed, and kissed his forehead for a long moment.
Moments like this, long or short, made his heart stop. Neither he nor she were made for tenderness, really. And yet it materialized, from time to time, out of the blue, unexpected, unexplained, often unacknowledged. Half the time, they almost pretended that it hadn’t happened. A secret they kept, even from themselves.  

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It will soon be for free on Amazon too, as soon as they can be induced to match the proper lower price... sorry, Amazon is great, but it does send us nuts sometimes!

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

New Release - Lea Bronsen - Dark Brilliance

  Everything can be bought. Except love. Kace Karrington is a wealthy, self-made investor with no qualms about steamrolling others to achieve his goals. He’s attracted to men, but picks up beautiful women, giving the cold, unfeeling world of Finance the appearance he’s successful...powerful. That is until he meets a smoking hot street punk eager to show him there’s more to life than making money. #Billionaire #Manlove #Gay #MM #Romance  

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And then happens what happens to me once in a long while: he catches my attention. I mean really makes me stop and stare. I’m attracted to men, after all, and some can be surprisingly handsome. This specimen is a lot more so than one would imagine of a drug addict. Strong, symmetrical features and tanned skin make quite the tableau with full lips, an aquiline nose, and dark green, gold-flecked irises framed by thick eyelashes. Even unkempt blond hair and a three-day stubble look sexy on him. This is the guy who calls himself my sister’s friend? He’s so easy on the eyes, he has to be more than a friend. He scowls. “Do you always do that?” “Do what?” I take in the rest of him. He’s my height, but much skinnier. Probably can’t afford to go to a gym and do weights three times a week like I do. “Refuse to shake someone’s hand,” he replies, tone offended. His voice sounds light but mature. Warm, comfortable to the ear. “While your sister’s in there…fighting for her life.” Tears form in his eyes. So, their redness was due to him crying. “Sorry, it’s the nerves.” I give him my hand. “Yeah.” He accepts to shake it, but his wet glare tells me he’s not convinced. Me? I’m so taken aback by his good looks and intense presence, I almost forget why I came out of the room. Oh yeah. Coffee.  

About the author

Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After a deep dive on the unforgiving world of gangsters with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between romantic suspenses, dark erotic romances, and crime thrillers.
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Friday, 13 December 2019

A look at Muse and Spice - Rainbow Awards Winners

  (actually a post for the Evernight Blog, reproduced here because I can 😏 )

Best Transgender Romance 


Best Transgender Book 2018-2019

A Muse to Live For

A Muse to Live For is the story of a Victorian painter and the crossdressing male prostitute who becomes his muse and lover. As one of the Rainbow Awards Honorable Mentions correctly points out, Gabriel/le is “not so much trans as truly androgynous”. I thought this was truly central to this character, who, at a time when coming out and transitioning were out of question, must be pragmatic about his identity, and straddle the lines between common sense, sexual fetish, artistic performance, and gender dysphoria as best they could.

This is my first serious attempt at historical fiction, and oh boy, was it a steep learning curve! There was so much to research that at times it was all I could do to write a paragraph in one day! I was delighted when one reviewer commented “I googled this”, as they thought it might be genuinely historical. There’s no higher praise for a fiction writer!

Part of the realistic feel comes perhaps from the locale of the story. I was stubbornly set on avoiding the more usual historical romance haunts. No ballrooms, no dukes and debutantes, no grand country houses. We have a saying in Italy, "nothing grows from diamonds; flowers grow from manure". Perhaps I am just more familiar with manure than diamonds, but given my fascination for Pre-Raphaelite painters and their penchant for picking stunning beautiful lower class women as models, muses and wives, it was natural that I would gravitate towards the less glamorous districts and professions, and the often harrowing life of the London poor. 

In a story that is so much about the creation of art, the contrast between the darkness of the setting and the purity of love and beauty found within it has an almost painterly chiaroscuro effect that gives much more depth and brilliance to the characters and their journey.

A Muse to Live For on Amazon 

Best Transgender Romance  2018 - 2019

Spice & Vanilla

Spice &Vanilla was originally conceived as a quick and hot Erotic Romance, but then the story got out of hand entirely and became a true emotional roller-coaster. The core of this novel is Lucie’s struggle for acceptance after her first disastrous coming out. When I first started researching M to F crossdressing and transition I was struck by how many heart-breaking stories of coming out, rejection and purging popped up on forums and message boards. Purging is a word often used to describe the heartrending destruction of all female clothes and accessories from one’s closet (real and metaphorical), in an attempt to repress one’s gender queerness. It goes without saying that the material objects carry more meaning than just “clothes”, “hats”, “lipstick”, "mascara". It’s a whole, real identity that gets denied existence.

It’s a tremendously painful (and alas common, and recurrent) experience for some people, in a world where gender issues are still very little understood by the majority of the population, despite all the howling media coverage we are witnessing every day. It strikes me as odd that so few transgender stories are written for a cisgender public, because this is something sorely needed to bridge the gap in understanding.

It takes I think an almost superhuman courage to collect the pieces after such a rejection, and find the hope and determination to try, again, and again, to find love and acceptance.
I wanted to explore this in detail, and other things. The different nuances of crossdressing as a sexual fetish and crossdressing as an exploration of a different and whole gender identity, for example. Two things that can overlap, but are also distinct. Gender issues are a very intriguing and poignant way for a writer to explore the depth and intricacy of the human psyche.

And I wanted to write about the collateral damage of an awkward coming out. After all it’s pointless to deny that transition affects the lives of spouses and families too, often very painfully. Compassion respect and understanding are things that must go both ways for love to survive.

Spice & Vanilla on Amazon 

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Rainbow Awards Winner - Best Transgender Romance 2018-2019

I am more honored and happy than I can possibly express in words that both A Muse to Live For and Spice & Vanilla were voted Best Transgender Romance(s) of 2018-2019 at the Rainbow Awards.

I could never have dreamed of such a wonderful tie! Both these stories mean so much to me, especially Muse, and they happen to be subtly interconnected, so it's lovely to see them making their way in the world together!

Story-telling is a lonely occupation as a rule, but publishing a book is not, and in this occasion I'd like to mention and thank all the people who made this Award possible for me.

First of all, Sandra Bunino and  Lynn Burke, who sponsored my Rainbow Awards entries at a time when I was fantastically broke.

Christine Klocek-Lim, the acquisition editor who decided these crazy, bittersweet, convoluted, obsessive stories were worth publishing.

Evernight Publishing, who gave a home to my books again and again.

Jay Aheer for the lovely cover art on all my recent releases.

My editor, Karyn White, who tirelessly fights with me over every story and somehow manages to make my more introverted characters talk, so that readers can get to know what's going on in their heads, something I tend to neglect!

All the friends and readers who took the time to comment and encourage me, and give me confidence in my writing, especially (in random order) Jessie Pinkham, Christine Potter, Katerina Ross, Sally Bend, Lea Bronsen and K. T. Vaughn.

And all the wonderful men and women who have inspired my stories and helped my characters come to life, in particular Tim Boyle, Paul Boche, Henry Ian Cusick, and my true muse and much missed friend, Danila Kovalev, without whose contribution A Muse to Live For would never have come to life.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

New Release - Lynn Burke - Flog me, Sir

Happy as always to host my indefatigable sister in Romance and Gardening, Lynn Burke, today with her new realease, Flog Me, Sir, book 2 in the Bonds of Worship series!


Flog Me, Sir

by Lynn Burke

#MF #BDSM #Billionaire #Romance


He offers freedom. She fears addiction. Can Garret coax Lissa to submit to his desire to pleasure her through pain, or will it be her needs that bring him to his knees?

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My guest room door clicked open before I could move, and I snapped my mouth shut from asking what the hell, when Lissa came in, a bucket of cleaning supplies in hand. Similar black and white clothing like the evening before covered her from neck to ugly black shoes.

She kept her head down, dirty-blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, her face free of makeup.

I tracked her as she moved toward the bathroom, unaware I still lay in bed.

Mrs. Hummel ruled the Laurent estate, ruled the live-in staff who kept the mansion running like a spotless timepiece—which also never missed a beat. She knew I hadn’t yet been downstairs. She also knew my lazy ass liked to linger in bed long after everyone else sat for breakfast.

A corner of my lip curled as I realized what Tillie girl was playing at. I eased back against the headboard and grinned.

“Good morning.”

Lissa shrieked and spun, her gaze landing on my barely sheet-covered, sprawled body. “Oh! Oh, God...I’m so sorry!” She scrambled toward the door.

“No, it’s alright. You don’t have to run off,” I shot out with a chuckle, not ready to let her escape.

Lissa paused, grasping the door handle, her gaze averted. “I didn’t know you were here,” she said in a rush. “Mrs. Hummel had said to get started on your room. I’d assumed she’d seen you, and—”

“It’s alright,” I repeated, cutting her off.

She glanced over at me again, her face red, but she jerked her focus away just as fast.

The sheet covered one of my legs, my groin, and lower abs, but nothing else.

“I’m afraid that Mrs. Hummel made a mistake,” she said, still clutching the door handle.

“Tillie girl doesn’t make mistakes.” As I stated the truth, I zoned in on Lissa’s stance—slightly stooped shoulders, bowed head, and lowered gaze.


She turned her widened hazel eyes on my face as though understanding my command to look at me by simply stating her name. I studied her until she shifted, and I loved that she didn’t look away. Her pulse jumped in her neck, her lips slightly parted as though trying to control her breathing.

“Do you wash the bathroom floors on your hands and knees?” I finally asked.

Her brow furrowed. “That’s the only way to properly clean a floor.”

I grinned and nestled into the bed as though getting comfortable and ready to enjoy the show. “Then by all means,” I said, motioning toward the bathroom, “continue.”

She glanced toward the open door and back to me. “You want to watch—” Her mouth snapped shut, her face burning a sudden luscious shade of red that spread down her neck beneath the starched, white button-down hiding her small breasts.

“Cat got your tongue?” I couldn’t help but tease as she stared at me as though trying to figure me out.

“You’re joking with me,” she finally said, her brow furrowing deeper.

I took my time raking my gaze down over her straightened form, enjoying the hell out of her display of spunk. I wanted to see more of it—and I wanted to mark her pale skin until she melted beneath my hands and begged to follow me around like a needy little pussy cat.

My dick wanted the same thing.

“I’m not,” I murmured, my smile gone, my focus returning to her face.

Her breath caught as her attention dropped to the sheet tenting over my groin. She yanked open my guest room door, disappearing in a clatter of cleaning supplies jostling in the bucket she clutched.

I chuckled and palmed my dick again, deciding to make a mess on the sheets she would be back to strip off the bed later.

© Lynn Burke 2018

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Jordan knows everyone wants to use him for his family name and wealth. 

Natalie is forced to take on the heavy responsibility of a troublesome sibling. 

Can Natalie prove to Jordan that the only thing she wants from him is his love and dominance? Or will a misunderstanding cause Jordan to lose the submissive of his dreams? 

#99cents #JordanAndHisLove #NatalieAndHerSir #BDSM #HEA #BillionaireRomance


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Lynn Burke is a full-time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life. As a voracious reader herself, Lynn appreciates all of her readers, and hopes she can take them on a journey with her writing.