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Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Friday, 20 October 2017

LGBT Tales - L. J. Longo

Todays special guest in my LGBT tales series is L. J. Longo, with two sizzling M/M novels and a very intresting intro to her choice of subject matter. I'll let L.J. do the talking!

"My live-in washing machine/philosopher (aka husband) describes my writing as an in-depth look the romantic subplot of action films…with a ton of hot gay sex. I know, my live-in washing machine is brilliant and entirely unbiased, but he actually has a point.

I love Deadpool, James Bond, and Indiana Jones and I’ve spent my fantasy life imagining those macho-dudes as gay as humanly possible. So, the two novels, I’m showcasing here today, are dark and action-packed. “Evasive Love,” published in 2013 by the now defunct Ellora’s Cave, is a steampunk sci-fi story is about a bounty hunter who falls in love with the drug-manufacturer he is arresting.  “The Dishonest Lover,” published in 2015 by Evernight,  is about an Irish thug who falls for the African-American con-artist he’s holding hostage. So yeah, I might have a thing for bondage and criminals.

I think my kinks are a reaction to my first experiences with gay culture.

I grew up in a very repressive, very rural area. The only alternative sexualities I saw came in the form of depressing classic literature (Giovanni’s Room comes to mind), biography (not nearly sexually explicit enough for my teenage tastes), and fanfiction (because who doesn’t enjoy Draco haughty explaining how he magically impregnated Harry?)

Personally, I craved a different treatment of homosexuality. I disliked the omnipresent stereotype of uber-feminized gay male that came with every escapist uber-sweet ship. And I was emotionally exhausted by the reality of queer oppression.

Then I saw “Miller’s Crossing.”

I realized what I wanted most was not graphic descriptions of the great sex I was not having as a teenager (though I wanted that in spades), but the wholeness of the gay character. In the Cohen Brothers’ film, the love triangle between three men is integral to the plot, yet they stand out not as gays who happened to be gangsters, but as gangsters who happened to be gay. They are sexual characters defined by things outside their sexuality.

I started writing those stories.

Both “Evasive Love” and “The Dishonest Lover” are dark, but full of optimism. The characters are wounded and often violent, but find healing and redemption through love. You couldn’t get more different settings “Dishonest” takes place in modern Ireland over Christmas weekend, while “Evasive” is a steampunk future where parts of the earth are poisonous, apartments fly, and reactional drugs are contagious. But both novels reach the core of who I am as writer: they both tell a story about two men struggling to find the courage to be vulnerable and find happiness

Also: ton hot gay sex.

I hope you read and enjoy them!

-L.J. Longo"

Thanks, L. J.! Let's lookt at the books!! :)

 "...Dizzying twists and turns make Evasive Love a wild and crazy ride. The story and characters are multi-layered, tiptoeing the line between honest and guilty. A complex plotline with vibrant dialogue that’s sometimes snarky, other times humorous. Trying to follow Elliot’s thoughts at times is something else. Excellent characters in a busy tale that never stops moving..."

A bounty hunter falls in love with his mark. Evasive Love is a male/male erotic adventure contains a little bondage and a whole lot of heat!

Kavan is his own man. As a bounty hunter for the Intersectoral Police force, Kavan is not one prone to weakness or sympathy. But when he catches the beautiful Elliot, a suspected fugitive, his morals and his passions are thrown into violent competition.
As Elliot insists he is innocent, Kavan’s instincts, which tend to be unreliable where beautiful men are concerned, tell him something isn’t right with this bounty. If Elliot is being truthful, Kavan is making a mistake that will cost him everything. If the man is just conning him, Kavan stands to lose something more precious than his bounty—his heart.

Originally published by Ellora's Cave.

"...In a small span of time, these two men shared a passion neither has ever experienced with another. To say their scenes were simply hot would be putting it mildly."

For Royal Chanticleer, forging false IDs was basically joining the Peace Corps: make a little money and help refugees. But when his employers branch into human trafficking, Roy decides to steal his share and cut ties.

George Morrison, a lapsed Catholic and non-practicing gay in Ireland, has his lonely Christmas disrupted when a dangerous gang demands he abduct a fleeing con-artist by threatening his family. George manages to capture Roy… when Roy mistakes George for the average local, he charms and seduces him.

Suspicion and desperation soon war with their growing love for each other as Roy struggles to escape and George fights to protect his family from the gang that might kill them both.

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