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Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

LGBT Tales - Kory Steed - Lightning's Hidden Menace

As we come close to the end of my LGBT tales series, I am happy to host once more Kory Steed, who wrote such a beautiful post for his first release, From Lightning to Love. Today he is back to the Lair with the second book in that series,and another very interesting post about his experiences as a (gay) novelist. I will let him do the talking!

"Thank you so much, Katherine for inviting me to share my personal views on contemporary LGBTQ lifestyles with your readers. While thinking about what would make a suitable topic for your series, and how it relates to my novels, several questions ran through my mind. “What was my inspiration for writing my Lightning Series, and why me, a former medic? Why now? What do I try to communicate through my novels? What's important to me in my life, in my writing, for American society, for the world?” This got me to thinking about how I reached this point in my career, and why I believe I have something to offer in the gay novels that bear my name.

The adage, write what you know, has always rung true for me. To try to write anything that didn’t contain at least some part of what I’ve experienced would never come across as genuine. I’ve learned so many lessons from the people and animals I have known and cared for, both personally and professionally over the course of my lifetime. I’ve learned how to live my life, as often as I’ve learned how not to. I’ve intentionally include animals here because from a very young age, animals were some of my closest friends and they played a large part in molding my personality as a nurturer and caregiver.

While I credit many positive experiences in shaping me as a person, I cannot discredit the negative ones for there are lessons just as valuable in them as in the ones that have allowed me to soar. I think this rings true for all people, but as a gay man who has finally found a degree of love that goes far beyond the physical passion of youth, I’m at a point where I believe I can convey a depth of substance in my characters that reveals their internal struggles with morality as much as mortality. They ask the questions “Why am I here? What is my purpose? What can I offer in the time I have left on this planet?”

I think many gay men who are now in their 40’s, 50’s, or beyond, and who have done (and are done with) casual sexual encounters in all their forms, be they one night stands, the baths, the hook-ups, the drug-riddled sex parties, or even their infatuation with maintaining a youthful appearance or a toned or muscular body have reached the point where they recognize that time continues to march on and can’t be beaten. At some point they ask themselves, “What do I do now? What comes next?” This is the moment where they are presented with the opportunity to look inward to discover who they are and what is important to them. What do they want to impart on the world? What will be their legacy?

Many gay men do not have biological children so what else is there to leave behind? Good works, helping others to realize their potential, and making a difference whenever and wherever they can is a good place to begin. For Jason (from my Lightning Series), these questions arose when he was in his 20’s, and carried through into his 30’s. As an army-veteran-medic, he suffered from PTSD for over a decade. He was forced to face death on an immense scale and in doing so, he came to recognize his own mortality much earlier than most. Rescuing and caring for Aaron gave purpose to his once sequestered life because he was able to channel all his energies and attention onto another human being. The fact that Aaron was also gay and lost his lover in the airplane explosion presented both characters with a second chance at love, and they grabbed for it together and held on for dear life.

Introducing the altruistic component of Nathan’s Promise (dedicated to Aaron’s deceased lover), an LGBTQ(S) focused physical rehabilitation facility for athletes and military and law enforcement personnel, will enable them to give back to the world and make a difference in the lives of others. The fact that Jason is a billionaire, gives them the means to do it and surrounding themselves with loving, like-minded, and skilled supporting characters will give them the tools they need.

Finally, I instill these characteristics and situations into my writing in an attempt to reveal that members of the broad-spectrum LGBTQ community are no different from the heterosexual one and in doing so, hope that I can convey that we are all in this together.

In the end though, we cannot forget that this is all fiction, portrayed within an imaginary world, drawn from my own aspirations and inspirations, but that does not mean it cannot inspire us to be kinder, more conscientious, and giving people who pause every now and then to do good work."

Thank you, Kory, for this beautiful post!
And now, the book!

"From an author that really knows how to play your heartstrings and make you believe in love again, I was taken to places I totally didn't expect not only through shocking plot twists, but also when romance is found in the tender moments you wouldn't expect. "


Jason cannot believe that Aaron, the man whose life he saved and who helped him break free from PTSD, has suddenly returned to him. Healed, whole, and ready to renew their growing love, they begin to plan a future together. With their first night of torrid lovemaking, they dream of many more, but fate is against them.

A dark nemesis from Jason’s past reappears with lethal intent, driven by a grudge from having been disgraced by a military tribunal. The fallout for Jason and Aaron is far-reaching and heart-wrenching and tears into the fabric of the life they have so carefully begun to weave.

When hatred strikes in a barrage of gunfire, they are left fighting for their lives. Their only focus is to take back what has been ripped away from them; their only hope, that the strength of their love will be enough.

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