Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

New release and review - Sally Bend - Futnari Moans and the Sucker's Cure

My life is a bit of nightmare since my internet connection tanked a while ago. I have NO INTERNET IN THE HOUSE!!!!
However, I wanted to share my thoughts on this ridiculously delightful story I read a little while ago, an embarrassingly enjoyable romp into a strange world of improbable lovers (crumbling mummies and sea-monsters among others).
As I sat there reading (and laughing, and occasionally fanning myself in a hurry) I thought "this is completely outrageous ... It really is pretty creepy and absurd ... Then why am I having so much freaky fun with it?" lol

And really I did. It's fun, and sexy, and surreal, and really original.

It is completely outside my usual choice of genre, but it tickled all the right places (in every sense).

It has wonderful humour, an unashamedly sexy main character, a really unusual premise, and it manages, by some miraculous feat of twisted imagination that I cannot adquately describe, to turn an improbable, messy, tentacly, underwater encounter into a perfectly scrumptious piece of erotica.

Witty and hot, and highly recommended.

Futanari Moans, amateur archaeologist and professional tomb raider, has unearthed her share of ancient treasures. With her only weapon the swollen, dripping appendage strapped to her thigh, Moans journeys across the Middle East, dodging traps, scarabs, and undead creatures, while battling foes from home and abroad.

The second-worst thing about having a thirty-five-hundred-year-old mummy for a lover was that the dust got everywhere. The worst thing about it? Well, it turns out that the supernatural drought of a murdered Queen’s cursed sarcophagus is contagious.

Her search for a cure takes her to the cliffs of the Aegean Sea, where she throws herself to the waves, in search of an ancient leviathan of the deep, a tentacled god of the deepest waters. She comes as both a friend and a lover, offering it pleasures not tasted in centuries, but she does not expect it to be quite so . . . well, big.

Packed with 7,000 words of pulp futa adventure, complete with a taboo side of monster erotica, this standalone Futanari Moans adventure is superbly silly, and scandalously sexy! Perfect for fans of her first adventure, or those just discovering her.

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