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Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Oldies Goldies - Backlist party - Love Comes Twice

Here's my homage to the joy of older titles, those books that stayed in our hearts and we don't want to ever ever forget. I will be hosting eight romance books and/or authors (every Tuesday and Friday all through August! stay tuned, there may be giveaways! Some of these books are part of what made me write erotic romance to begin with...

I will jump right in with an all time favourite of mine, the majestic "Love comes twice" by Adonis Devereux.

Here's what a reviewer said:

Each time I read Adonis Deverueux's books, which are set in the wondrous world of Gilalion, I always find myself lost in the beautiful details, sights, sounds and powerful emotions. I always feel that I am reading a Greek tragedy mixed with the complexities of Lord of the Rings and the various clans and lands as Game of Thrones...
 ...Riane and Kiltarin's story is a highly erotic one full of great passion, devotion, and loyalty, however, their relationship is put to the test several times in the story which brings with it instances of sorrow, despair and a future in question...
I loved Riane and Kiltarin as a couple. When they explored together who Riane truly was and their discoveries lead them on a path that could tear them apart I was overwhelmed by Kiltarin's love for her. There were moments in the story when Kiltarin's rivals for Riane tried to pry her away from Kiltarin and I personally found it difficult to accept some of her reactions. Again this is just a testament of how well written the book is that it is able to draw such strong emotions from me...

And another:

...The heroine is an amazing, complex, mysterious, loving, lusty, dangerous, deeply dark woman named Riane. When the Tamari king, on his death-quest, finds her asleep under the ice of a frozen lake, and wakes her up, she has no memory of her identity, except that in her sleep ‘she heard the whispers of the world’. And if that is not awesome, I don’t know what is.
Much of what happens in the book has to do with the mystery of who and what Riane is, and it is quite a ride to discover the truth.
There are moments towards the end of the book when I thought, ‘Is this the same book I started the other day?’, such is the deep change that comes upon all the characters involved. It might easily have been a trilogy!

I always thought this book (with all the other Gilalion books from the same author) had enough world building in them to stand among the highest reaches of Fantasy Literature. The Tolkien and Game of  Thrones comparison mentioned in one of the reviews is not at all overdone. The added (hot!!) romance is just the cherry on the cake. Why not give this gorgeous oldie a go? If you like darkly intricate characters and tremendous storytelling, this is it!!

Found sleeping beneath the ice by a dying king, Riane has always known she was different. She draws men to her, her every movement a call to sex, but no man has ever stirred her blood until Kiltarin, the son of the God-King, comes to her. He brings color to her life, and she brings unspeakable sexual delight to his. Her beauty gives him courage to overcome his fear of his own immortality. But her true identity is still unknown, and when the secret of her birth is revealed, Kiltarin fears he cannot compete with the new rivals for her affection. And Riane cannot soothe his fears, because for her, love comes twice. 

 Other titles to check out by the same author: Bride for the God-King, Worth his Freedom, Burn like Ice, Chasing Earth and Flame and many others.

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